Name Age Gender Characteristic
BJ 32 Male The Alpha male at the sanctuary, he’s smart and aggressive
Baboon 30 Female Laid back but aggressive
Nicky 30 Female Recused from a zoo where she used to be performing to entertain visitors. She dances all the time
Adam 16 Male He is a quick learner and smart, he claps when asking for food.
Sonia 15 Female She likes acting and copying what you do
Harry 13 Male He is always curious especially about shoes
Careena 12 Female She is shy, likes staying under a shade or hiding from your sight
Fatt-Fatt 10 Male He likes spitting and hand clapping
Tuah 9 Male He likes tearing bark off tree
Hiroshi 9 Male He likes tree climbing, gets along very well with Fatt Fatt and Tuah
Jidin 8 Male He likes acting to attract visitors, very close to Kate and Hang Lipo
Hang Lipo 8 Female She gets along well with Kate and Jidin
April 8 Female She is very shy
Kate 7 Female She likes to steal fruit from Hang Lipo
Cha-Cha 3 Male He likes tree climbing
Mannu 2 Male He likes playing with Cha-Cha
Carlos Unknown Male Rescued by the road side in Sarawak, he is very aggressive most  likely due to previous abuse
Ah Ling Unknown Female Rescued in Sarawak, record unverifiable. She is very aggressive most  likely due to previous abuse